[V8] Cool running V8

Peter Littlewood littlepete_19 at hotmail.com
Sat Jan 20 10:33:16 EST 2007


Finally got around to checking out my cooling problem with my V8. It has 
only once got hotter than 90degreesC and normally runs at 75degrees
I have been following Keith T s excellent fault diagnostic notes from 
previous listings
All check out fine until step 4. After removing the resistor and with both 
plugs disconected, the temp still reads 75 and electric fan is on its 2nd 

How can it still read the running temp?
The gauge starts from cold first thing and reads between 70-75 always

The gauge has once passed 110degrees on a very hot day in heavy traffic and 
the 3rd speed did cut in..

The thermostat has been replaced twice in an effort to sort things out...

The oil temp very rarely even moves at all (only in traffic)
The oil pressure gauge reads maximum as soon as the ignition is switched on 
even with the wires from the sender disconnected.

Are the last two points related to my "cooling problem"?
Cluster problem?

Any suggestions/insults as always gratefully recieved!

1991 3.6 auto UK spec

P.S still after a TCU 441 927 156 M
There is one in an Ebay shop but they wont send to the UK.

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