[V8] '91 V8 Auto transmission problems.

Joe Griffith jsgriffith3rd at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 22 08:10:09 EST 2007

Thanks everyone for the advice to change out the trans filter.
  On Monday after I got the car back home I drain the trans pan and added 4 qts of Mobil 1 to no avail.
  So skeptically, I decided to spend Saturday dropping the exhaust and trans oil pan to replace the filter.
  Once everything was back in place, the car pulled out of the garage without any hesitation. I drove around a little to warm it up to check the oil level and the car seams a little different, probably smoother shifting.  The problem now is it wants to stall when sitting at a light, but shifts through the gears very smoothly.  I drove the 65 miles to work this morning without any incident.
  Thanks again, I was nearly ready to jump ship.

Richard <richromero1 at msn.com> wrote:            Joe,
  I have a 90V8 and had the same problem last month.  Thought it was an exhaust rattle- for 4-5 days.  Then suddenly shifting was poor, drove it 1mile to home and I had the same problem- can move it briefly in the driveway and then nothing.  Still has that tranny whine. the engine just revs in D and doesn't move.  I was told the filter was clogged when there was the whine/rattle and should have stopped the car and changed the filter/fluid.  But the tranny was working great until the time it started to shut down.  I am also thinking about what to do- trannys go for around 1k.  I am thinking of changing the filter and see what happens but I have to drop the exhaust and it's like 10F here in Boston.  It's just sitting there-AARRRGHHH.  I don't want to jump ship!
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As much as I love it, I think it may be time to give up on my '91 V8.
  Over the weekend I heard what I thought it was an exhaust shield rattling. So I didn't give it much thought.  
  It's been taking a long time to start lately, so I intended to swap out some ATF soon as that normally helps.
  Monday on the way to work the transmission began to slip while traveling along at freeway speeds; it finally got so bad that the car wouldn't move and I pulled to the side of the road put it in park and shut it down.  After about 2 minuets I started it up and it went into gear normally, and was able to continue along for a bit but again it started to slip.
  I called a rollback and had it taken home.  I've been able to move it around my driveway a bit, but as soon as I go from D to R it just revs and won't move until I shut it down and try again. It doesn't seam to be in Limp mode as far as I can tell, I checked the codes and there wasn't any, and fluid is at the correct level.
  Anybody have a similar experience and cares to shed some light on the problem?
  Im assuming that I will need to remove and install another transmission to fix it. I've looked through the Bentley description of the R&R and it doesn't seam to bad. I have a fair bit of mechanical experience and feel that I may be able to accomplish it.  
  Anybody swap an auto trans and cares to comment on the difficulties? 

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