[V8] Odd windshield wipers...or maybe just a cranky old Audi?

Roger M. Woodbury rmwoodbury at adelphia.net
Mon Jan 29 08:21:23 EST 2007

Yup.  I suspect that it is the wiper motor, although I would prefer it to be
the relay.  The relay is simpler, and the wiper motor is a "marginal"
repair:  I am not sure that I really want to buy another motor to install,
since the one that is there is working fine..just doesn't park properly.sort
of like a teenage daughter who is just learning to park, come to think of


The failure occurred suddenly.the wipers just stopped in mid windshield one
day a couple of weeks ago.  No other symptoms.  Since the car has 170,000
miles on it, I suspect that a wiper motor will be in order.




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Roger wrote: <Strangely, my 20 Valve Avant has decided that it wants to park
its windshield wipers at the 1/2 position in the arc.>


Craig replies: If the wipers operate through the normal range but park in
the middle, it's a failure of the parking cam-contact in the wiper motor
(or, remotely possible, the relay.  If the wiper's arc is out of whack
(running off the end of the glass), and they're both the same, look to the
motor output lever.  If only one of the wipers is out of whack, look to that
mounting spline for that wiper.

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