[V8] Swing and a Miss

Scott Simmons indischrot at gmail.com
Tue Jan 30 18:47:49 EST 2007

Been trying to track down a miss.  Only occurs when car is up in 
operating temperature.  Went ahead and changed the plugs because, well, 
I have on idea how old they are and they were suspicious to begin with.  
It's only a slight miss, here and there and can only really be felt at 
idle.  Car revs like a champ over 1k without any stumble.

Well, there is a stumble.  But I think it was a one-time deal.  Had come 
to a complete stop to let someone out of the car.  Engine was around 
25-50*C, defrost was on.  Hit the gas to forward and the lights dimmed, 
the car hesitated for about half a second, then just continued on like 
nothing had happened.  Pulled forward 20 yards and tried it again.  Came 
to complete stop and gave it some gas.  Light dimmed and car hesitated, 
again, for a split second, then just drove on.   I got closer to home 
before experimenting more (it was about 5 miles and 20*F outside, wasn't 
in the mood to walk) but couldn't get the car to act up again.  Haven't 
since that night.  If it doesn't do it again for the next few nights, 
I'll consider it a one-time-deal and forgive the poor bugger.

But regarding the miss, I think it's unrelated.  I'd love to pull the 
codes, but it's f'ing cold out, there's snow on the ground, and I don't 
feel like kneeling out there in the elements waiting for the LED to 
blink.  I'll borrow a garage and pull codes sometime this or next week.  
I just wanted to know about any popular spots to start looking.  Wires 
look good.  Haven't had time to pull the caps and inspect them nor the 
rotors.  Any other helpful ideas?

Scott Simmons

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