[V8] Flushing properly

d saad dsaad at icehouse.net
Wed Jan 31 02:47:07 EST 2007

What is it with that o-ring anyway? Mine always sticks up there, but no
other car ever does.

Anyway - I bet you turned off the motor
before any serious damage was done. You probably only removed the last 50K
miles or so from the normal million mile life expectancy of the V8.
Since the bores are basically made of sand anyway, who needs oil? ;-)


> You must leave the old rubber
sealing gasket ring thingy from the old
> filter in place . . .
well not exactly in place. It has to be flat
> enough to make you
think the new filter is tightening just hunky
> dorily but sort of
diagonal so it leaves a huge gap.

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