[V8] Flushing Properly

Bill Hitzler bhitzler at kpbsd.k12.ak.us
Wed Jan 31 14:02:05 EST 2007

Well at least you seem to be able to look at the whole fiasco with some
amusement; at least at this point. I'm sure things were way different
when it first happened. Plus with the synthetic oil and getting the
thing turned off so quickly at least there's no engine damage. Reminds
me of the time back in Chicago when my Honda Intercepter got way
squirrly through a sweeping turn. After throttling down and coasting to
a stop was when the drain plug fell all the way out. I'd been riding
through my own oil slick compliments of the shop I'd left 10 minutes
earlier. Let's hear it for incompetence. Good luck, William

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