[V8] o2 sensor mishap

d saad dsaad at icehouse.net
Mon Jul 2 18:14:56 EDT 2007

If you are just working on the O2 sensor wires, and you know for sure
which two are for the heater, then I am pretty sure you don't have to
worry about polarity.

You might also find the answer here:


and I think Cobram had a website with the wiring diagrams at one


> Listers with factory repair manuals or engine harnesses
out of there car,
> I NEED YOR HELP! Couple of months ago I
replaced my o2 sesor, and never
> wire tied the excess wire up.
Well, it came back and bit me in tha a**
> hard today.  Not only
did it get wrapped around my front drive shaft, it
> ripped the
connector plug off the harness (engine side of harness :(    I
already removed every thing, and am ready to solder the wires to the
> plug. Problem is, I dont know wich wire goes to which side
of the plug. Im
> speaking of the  bown wire, and the red w/green
stripe. This is for the
> heated eliment I presume. The plug side
is marked 1 and 2. Does anyone
> know wich goes where? Thanks guys
> FWI you need to pull the rubber boot back off
the harness plug to see the
> 1 and 2 marks on the plug
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