[V8] paint suggestions?

Brian P. residentevil59 at hotmail.com
Mon Jul 2 23:13:59 EDT 2007

"You can get "exact" OEM colors in a rattle can from
http://www.PaintScratch.com (it's a bit pricey IMO).. but if you want
jiggle and squirt cans.. there you go.


Scott "

Yeah, I've used them before for my pearl white v8q...a bit too pricey for 
just some bumpers and trim though. We were looking for something I can get 
at the local Autozone or home depot. The bumpers are plastic....I was 
thinking some sort of high-gloss black paint from Rust Oleum for plastic 
stuff? I'm just wondering if anyone else has done something simillar or 
knows someone who did and can let me know what'd work best. He wants it to 
look glossy, just like the bumpers on a slightly newer Audi (A6, A4).

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