[V8] Half way there....

Roger M. Woodbury rmwoodbury at adelphia.net
Tue Jul 3 08:59:53 EDT 2007

Well, I just committed to buying a "new" Audi.  New to me, that is.

My father has reached the age of 94, and when his license came up for
renewal last year, he decided not to go through the process.  Both my
parents still live in their home.

And on July 1st, the registration and inspection on his 1990 Audi 100 came
up for renewal and passed.  So there the car sits.  

The specifics of the car is not terrifically impressive.  The car was bought
from the dealer as an Audi Certified Used Car about twelve years ago.  The
car had around 60,000 miles at the time, and it had been serviced in the
same dealership since new.  I suggested to my Dad that this would be like
buying a new car, and would possibly be the last car that he ever needed to
own.  He paid around ten grand for the car, and that included a complete
timing belt service and new tires.

Today the car has just shy of 130,000 miles, and has been garaged every day
of its life.  It is front wheel drive, and pretty basic as Audis go...cloth
seats, etc.  The car has a few dings but not extraordinary for a car that is
seventeen years old.  

So the choice was to try to sell it, put it on eBay, or keep it and drive it
as a daily driver.  The BEST that I think we could hope for would be around
two grand, and the car is worth much more than that in terms of useful
miles.  I offered my father two grand, and he accepted it.  

Now that The Black Mariah is dead, I again have a daily driver that will
work for a while.  

And the V8 search can continue.  


I think I will start a contest for an appropriate name for the "new" Audi.
She is stone gray, two wheel drive...hmmm.  I am thinking of "The Mare"....

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