[V8] A/C recharging

Kneale Brownson knealeski at sbcglobal.net
Tue Jul 3 15:59:53 EDT 2007

Well, there are low pressure ports everywhere, it seems.  I used the one on the compressor manifold that angles back toward the driver side wheel.   I had my high pressure hose from my gauge set in the low pressure tap on the receiver/drier.  Some folks have reported there being two Schrader valves on their receiver/drier tanks.  Both our V8s only have one.  Again, they're low-pressure.
  There is a high pressure Schrader valve sticking straight up off the compressor manifold on both our V8s.  Red caps that look black in dim light, just like the low pressure caps.  Anyway, I couldn't get my gauge set's red hose to go onto the high pressure valve sticking straight up off the compressor manifold.  Maybe it's because the hose set has angled ends.  The blue one went onto the low pressure tap angled toward the driver wheel, but it was a bit of a struggle to get it all lined up and the threads started.  Again, I just couldn't get the high pressure hookup, so I have no idea what the high pressure value is for V8#2's system.  
  But I did get a can of Envirosafe's R12 equivalent into the compressor once I disconnected the red hose from the valve on the receiver/drier.  Compressor clicked and started taking it in right away.  Now getting about 41-degree cold air at the dash vents.  That part makes me happy.  Thing I don't like is the compressor is quite loud.  Lot more loud than V8 #1 and/or the 200q20vs.  Does loud running indicate I'm going to have a compressor failure soon?

"Korn, Bob" <Bob.Korn at Fike.com> wrote:
  The low pressure is on the receiver/dryer next to the abs module. I
just converted mine to 134 using this port. Was a bitch to get to with
the fittings supplied with the kit, had to loosen the canister and pull
up and out of the way. The FLAPS $40 kit worked well and have ice cold
ac again. 


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Is the 90 V8 A/C low pressure (fill) spout the one on the back of the
compressor assembly, sort of angled toward the driver side front tire?

Is the high pressure connection the one in the fixture with the
receiver/dryer cannister? 

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