[V8] A/C recharging

Ron Wainwright ron_01056 at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 3 16:39:45 EDT 2007

When I ditched the R12 & went with 134A....Allen Vega
charged it from under the rain diverter on the pass
side of the firewall area.
 I kept the car running while he filled it. I think it
took 2 large cans & 1 small can.

 Blows freaking as cold as I would hope for.


--- Kneale Brownson <knealeski at sbcglobal.net> wrote:

> Well, there are low pressure ports everywhere, it
> seems.  I used the one on the compressor manifold
> that angles back toward the driver side wheel.   I
> had my high pressure hose from my gauge set in the
> low pressure tap on the receiver/drier.  Some folks
> have reported there being two Schrader valves on
> their receiver/drier tanks.  Both our V8s only have
> one.  Again, they're low-pressure.
>   There is a high pressure Schrader valve sticking
> straight up off the compressor manifold on both our
> V8s.  Red caps that look black in dim light, just
> like the low pressure caps.  Anyway, I couldn't get
> my gauge set's red hose to go onto the high pressure
> valve sticking straight up off the compressor
> manifold.  Maybe it's because the hose set has
> angled ends.  The blue one went onto the low
> pressure tap angled toward the driver wheel, but it
> was a bit of a struggle to get it all lined up and
> the threads started.  Again, I just couldn't get the
> high pressure hookup, so I have no idea what the
> high pressure value is for V8#2's system.  
>   But I did get a can of Envirosafe's R12 equivalent
> into the compressor once I disconnected the red hose
> from the valve on the receiver/drier.  Compressor
> clicked and started taking it in right away.  Now
> getting about 41-degree cold air at the dash vents. 
> That part makes me happy.  Thing I don't like is the
> compressor is quite loud.  Lot more loud than V8 #1
> and/or the 200q20vs.  Does loud running indicate I'm
> going to have a compressor failure soon?
> "Korn, Bob" <Bob.Korn at Fike.com> wrote:
>   The low pressure is on the receiver/dryer next to
> the abs module. I
> just converted mine to 134 using this port. Was a
> bitch to get to with
> the fittings supplied with the kit, had to loosen
> the canister and pull
> up and out of the way. The FLAPS $40 kit worked well
> and have ice cold
> ac again. 
> BK
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> Is the 90 V8 A/C low pressure (fill) spout the one
> on the back of the
> compressor assembly, sort of angled toward the
> driver side front tire?
> Is the high pressure connection the one in the
> fixture with the
> receiver/dryer cannister? 
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