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Roger M. Woodbury rmwoodbury at adelphia.net
Wed Jul 4 13:59:37 EDT 2007

I pulled one plug and it was clean.  Just a tad out of gap, I thought, but
maybe not.

I have had a LOT of trouble with the plug wires.  For some strange reason
they just didn't like to seat themselves on the plugs.  The come onto the
plus with a 45 degree angle, so it is much harder to put them into place
than an intelligent design would make it.  But I THINK the plug wires are
firmly on now.  

I am beginning to think that since seven and eight fire in sequence, that
the plug wires need to be separated by wire ties.  That's what I am trying
now, as has been suggested elsewhere.

If that doesn't work, then my guess...which is all it can be right now...is
that the wires themselves are cheapo and I should have bought OEM wires to
begin with.  And I am obstinate enough to do that just to see.  

Failing that could be a faulty, out of the box, coil, but somehow I doubt

Not what I wanted to do all day today!  I long for the simplicity of a Audi
Quattro V8!


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I actually used to build ford engines, got a 351 sitting on the floor of the
bard needing a home.

pull the plugs and possibly replace them. if you ran it for an extended
period with bad wires they
might be completely fouled out. clean the injection really well with
seafoam. should help alot.
one in the tank, one through the vacuum port.

--- "Roger M. Woodbury" <rmwoodbury at adelphia.net> wrote:

> I doubt that anyone is actually reading this today, but I thought I would
> post a question.
> I have just done a pretty complete tune up on The Runt. The Runt is a 1992
> Ford F150 with 302V8.  Last year we replaced the plugs, but never finished
> the project.  This time, I have replaced the distributor cap and rotor,
> coil, plug wires and fuel filter.  
> Symptoms:  basically the truck starts from cold and idles fine.  But when
> the truck is driven, there is an uneven feeling...a kind of roughness
> especially at low rpm.  Some detonation although not much.  Low speed
> acceleration is hard until some rpm are built up.  High rpm is almost
> normal.
> Sounds like a coil?  Could be I suppose, or I suppose the new spark plug
> wires could be sucko.  The plug wires were carefully replaced one at a
> I have had some problem with plug wires actually popping off the plugs and
> have gone over every plug wire carefully to make sure all were on as
> be.  I have pulled a plug and looked to see if there is carbon build up,
> there is none.  
> I am tempted to try another new coil, but thought I would post this to see
> if any of my Audi brain trust has some thoughts about the care and feeding
> of Ford pushrod V8s?
> Thoughts?
> Roger
> The Runt is a Flareside pickup that was bought to be a plow truck. Does
> well at that, but the automatic transmission is a t here speed with
> overdrive and overdrive is a much taller gear than third. Drives me crazy
> when it shifts up, because it almost instantly needs to shift down for any
> sort of hill.  Not one of Ford's better ideas, but the thing does plow
> fury.  Since The Black Maria is off the road, The Runt is all I have until
> The Gray Mare arrives.
> Here's the fleet as it now stands:
> '91 20V Avant (retired)  The Black Mariah
> '92 Ford 302 Flareside 4x4  The Runt
> '98 Chevrolet ex-cab, 1Ton dually 4X4 (454 gas) Quarry pickup:  The Black
> Bitch
> '94 Audi 100CS Quattro Avant (my wife's car)  aka The Green Horney
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