[V8] Pro Diag Died?

urq urq at pacbell.net
Fri Jul 6 09:24:08 EDT 2007

 if you go to the website (shadetreesoftware.com) you will see that about a
year ago the product was somehow transferred to a company in Canada 
has not updated their webpage related to the product since.  The sources I
knew who sold ProDiag tell me that they no longer sell it.  


I’m keeping my hardware 
 as long as my PDA lives anyway.  I’ve got to
believe that it will work on newer cars with OBD-II.  I know that I’ve used
my setup on fairly recent cars.  Shade Tree Software still has some support
info at their website; it is just that I can no longer refer folks to
ProDiag if they don’t already have it.  I wouldn’t be surprised if Mike &
Steve wouldn’t help out if you had a car that ProDiag was not fully able to


Steve B

San José, CA (USA)




Pro Diag is no more?  Here I was planning to keep it for newer cars (if I
manage to outlive my "teenaged" Audis), where it reportedly would have been
really useful.

urq <urq at pacbell.net> wrote: 

IThe best tool for figuring out what is wrong with the engine is to use
VAGCOM or equivalent. Unfortunately it appears that ProDiag has died ... so
unless you already have one it is no longer an option. With ProDiag I can
read out and clear the ECU codes, and I can take a test drive and log the 10
parameters the ECU provides. I suspect VAGCOM has the same capability. You
can tell right away if the ECU has decided that it cannot control the
mixture effectively (generates a code) or if it is responding to an
erroneous input (like an incorrect coolant temp). 

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