[V8] Central Locking System

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Sun Jul 8 16:00:26 EDT 2007

... just because you hear the motor spinning it doesn't mean that the pump
is working.  Assuming the car hasn't been monkeyed with (which may be a bad
assumption) the plumbing may be just fine.  One of your tests before pulling
open covers is to verify that the pump draws and blows air well enough to
operate the locks.  If you have a spare lock actuator, hook it up to the
bi-pressure pump and then lock and unlock the car.  The actuator should move
very quickly.  

Another place to look before getting too far into opening up the covers is
to make sure that the plastic lines in the door hinges and trunk lid are
intact.  I had a leak that was caused by the boot on an actuator coming
loose once ... but it is probably best to isolate the source before looking
for this sort of problem.

To isolate the source, you will want to adopt a "divide and conquer"
technique.  Open up the T (or cross) right next to the pump and look to
identify in which path the air is being lost.  Follow the leaking path until
you find the culprit.  

Good luck!
Steve B
San José, CA (USA)

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I got another interior for the car, and while it's out I figured I
*should* take a look at why my central lock doesn't work.(it has never
work since I became the owner)  The vacuum pump works, when I unlock or
lock the doors I can hear the pump activate, and if I do it fast enough
I can get it to pop out the drivers rear lock (but never lock it), the
passenger doors don't do a thing. (which will be my starting point in
the morning). 

So are there any BTDT pointers in troubleshooting this thing? My guess
is I'm looking for a broken or disconnected "T" on the passenger side,
but we'll see. 

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