[V8] Coolant Gauge wackyness***Now IC board wackyness***

Ron Wainwright ron_01056 at yahoo.com
Sun Jul 8 17:51:27 EDT 2007

I just did this Steve & found the same "accordian
flexprint". I used the board & White cover from the AT
 Of course I still used the Tach & speedo from the
5spd cluster cause the Tach is guaged for a 5spd...&
well, the original speedo has the original miles on

 Very easy 1/2hr to R&R..& of course I missed one of
the bulbs that lights the closk, so I'm glad I didn't
bolt the dash pad back on till I knew everything was
working as it should....& it is now.


--- urq <urq at pacbell.net> wrote:

> ... well, I opened up that 5-speed instrument
> cluster to try to reverse
> engineer the coolant gauge circuit.  For some reason
> the boards inside were
> interconnected with accordion shaped lengths of
> flexprint.  I didn't think
> much about it until last night.  Sure enough, the
> part number is 441 919 930
> AX ... which means it had been rebuilt.  Looks like
> VDO has adopted a fix to
> eliminate those internal connectors which are so
> prone to becoming flaky ...
> While it is great to know that I'll be eliminating
> the flaky connections
> when I swap the IC in, it does make reverse
> engineering the circuit board
> that drives the coolant gauge impossible without
> unsoldering it ... which is
> not something I want to do only in the interest of
> science.  I have another
> AT cluster in the garage ... looks like I'll need to
> go there for the
> circuit board ... 
> Steve B
> San José, CA (USA)
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