[V8] tranny fluid

tlastre01 at sprintpcs.com tlastre01 at sprintpcs.com
Mon Jul 9 19:20:05 EDT 2007

Ok, so my transmission was acting a little clunky. I changed the fluid the 4 quart method a few thousand miles back. I replace my fluid with Mobil 1 Synthetic but my car was shutting off when cold on drive. I replaced that tranny fluid with Dexron III like recommended and the problem persisted, until today. I am driving to Buffalo on business from Munroe Falls, OH which is N. of Akron and S. of Cleveland, so I thought that I would replace engine oil, rear diff. oil and tranny fluid. I used Castrol Dexron VI as in 6 and my transmission is the smmothest it has ever been. I only used the four quarts but I can't wait to get back and drain it again and refill with four fresh quarts and so on and so on until all the other stuff is out of there. Just some info for the listers.
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