[V8] Infamous V8 No Start

Ben Howell bhowell at rmi.net
Tue Jul 10 21:02:03 EDT 2007

Alright, Why does this happen with the V8, but no other car I, personally, have ever owned:

Pull the V8 out of the garage, shut it off, couple hours later, pull V8 back into garage, shut it off, couple hours later (or next day), NO START!

This has happened to us three times in the time we have owned the car. The first time it was MADDENING trying to figure it out. I know that it's flooding because the plugs are soaking wet with fuel. The first time, you guys suggested obtaining a set of Cheapie plugs (Champion) and sure enough, $8+tax in plugs did the trick. However, I couldn't stand knowing that I had Champion plugs in our precious V8. So, after a few days, I swapped in some "run of the mill" NGK's. The Bosch plugs SUCK, but I never had a problem with NGK in my life and these were no different. 100% trouble free until I made the "pull-it-out and then pull-it-in" mistake and no start. 

I KNOW that pulling the plugs and cleaning the fuel off them or swapping the Champion's back in (yes, I saved them) will solve the problem, but WHY?  I know this happens to other V8s, so what causes it?

'91 5 Speed

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