[V8] Infamous V8 No Start

cobram at juno.com cobram at juno.com
Tue Jul 10 21:37:06 EDT 2007

Easier to just let it warm up a bit.  Every time I have to move one of
the V8Q's for whatever reason without driving it, I just leave it running
for a while till it warms up, never had a problem.  Blow out the cobwebs
with a few deep accelerations too.  The V8Q is a cold blooded beast.

As for other cars, early RX7's were 100X worse, especially in cold
weather.  If you did the start and stop without letting it get up to
temp, you'd have to lift the front end off the ground, pull the plugs and
let it breath for a couple hours.  If you just replaced the plugs those
would foul out too.

I don't think Audi ever offered an explanation, just the TSB on swapping
out the plugs before delivery.  I've seen a lot of guesses, and made a
few of my own, but I don't think anyone's every nailed it down.

Listers with later 4.2's, do your V8Q's have the same "feature" ?

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"Ben Howell" <bhowell at rmi.net> writes:

> Alright, Why does this happen with the V8, but no other car I, 
> personally, have ever owned:
> Pull the V8 out of the garage, shut it off, couple hours later, pull 
> V8 back into garage, shut it off, couple hours later (or next day), 
> This has happened to us three times in the time we have owned the 
> car. The first time it was MADDENING trying to figure it out. I know 
> that it's flooding because the plugs are soaking wet with fuel. The 


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