[V8] Infamous V8 No Start

Tony and Lillie tonyandlillie1 at earthlink.net
Tue Jul 10 22:22:49 EDT 2007


The V8 is not the only car I've experienced this in. I've had this happen to 
various Audi 5-cyl's, both turbo and non, Porche 911's, and some older 
Mercedes models.

As for why, they all start somewhat rich, and have a tendency to foul the 
plugs. To combat this, I replace the plugs on mine every 10k. Never had a 
problem since doing that. I use NGK "V-power", FWIW.

Tony Hoffman

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Subject: [V8] Infamous V8 No Start

> Alright, Why does this happen with the V8, but no other car I, personally, 
> have ever owned:
> Pull the V8 out of the garage, shut it off, couple hours later, pull V8 
> back into garage, shut it off, couple hours later (or next day), NO START!
> This has happened to us three times in the time we have owned the car. The 
> first time it was MADDENING trying to figure it out. I know that it's 
> flooding because the plugs are soaking wet with fuel. The first time, you 
> guys suggested obtaining a set of Cheapie plugs (Champion) and sure 
> enough, $8+tax in plugs did the trick. However, I couldn't stand knowing 
> that I had Champion plugs in our precious V8. So, after a few days, I 
> swapped in some "run of the mill" NGK's. The Bosch plugs SUCK, but I never 
> had a problem with NGK in my life and these were no different. 100% 
> trouble free until I made the "pull-it-out and then pull-it-in" mistake 
> and no start.
> I KNOW that pulling the plugs and cleaning the fuel off them or swapping 
> the Champion's back in (yes, I saved them) will solve the problem, but 
> WHY?  I know this happens to other V8s, so what causes it?
> Ben
> '91 5 Speed

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