[V8] Infamous V8 No Start

FredParkerJr FredParkerJr at cox.net
Wed Jul 11 10:27:20 EDT 2007

Ben -

I am coming into this thread a little late in the game, so forgive me if I
mention something that has already been brought up.

My V8 has not liked being short cycled (started, moved in the driveway, and
shut off) since day one.  I have learned to make it a habit to let it run
for a few minutes, presumably to allow the engine management system to lean
out the mixture a bit.  I have never had a no start that I can remember, but
it is hard starting after a short cycle and it definitely runs very rough
for a minute or two once it starts.  It is very possible that the FPR is
dribbling a bit allowing fuel in while it is off, but my guess is that it is
nothing more than a very rich condition at start-up.  By the way, changing
out the FPR is pretty easy and is probably a good idea if yours is old.


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Sounds like a bad Fuel pressure regulator.

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> Scott,
> This is not a reference sensor issue. I have put two reference
> sensors in
> this car since we bought it and that is not part of the equation
> with this
> problem.
> This is a engine-has-too-much-fuel issue because when the plugs
> come out
> they are WET! This isn't a frequent issue either. We have had the
> car 7
> years now and it has happened 3 times. It's not like it's a HUGE
> problem, I
> was more curious as to why it's happening.
> Ben
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> Ben, there are a couple of things on the V8 that can (and will) cause
> you grief. More info on them can be found here:
> http://www.audifans.com/twiki/bin/view/Audi/NoStartV8
> HTH.
> Scott

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