[V8] Speaking of brakes...

Ron Wainwright ron_01056 at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 12 20:32:18 EDT 2007

Ok, Autohausaz has brand spanking new rear calipers
for $170 each...no core charge. They aren't brand new
rebuilt....there brand new new!

 So sounds like your slide pins are frozen....or the
piston for the caliper is rusted & won't retract when
you get off the brakes. Uneven pad weir should be a
tip off.
 How are your rubber brake lines?

 As far as the e-brake cables go....they could be
frozen as well....or the e-brake mechagnism is shot
inside the caliper..very common problem!


--- Scott Simmons <indischrot at gmail.com> wrote:

> [opens up bag o' worms]
>     I need your help.  Advice, really.  Professional
> opinion.  HELP!
>     When I first got the car, the brakes squealed. 
> So I checked the 
> fronts and they looked good but couldn't see the
> backs.  I pulled the 
> wheels off and found the right side had about 1-2mm
> of pad left.  The 
> left side, though, had at least 10-15mm.  I thought
> it odd, but changed 
> the pads and kept my eye on it.  Brakes still
> squealed as they did 
> before:  when I'm <10mph and creeping to a stop at a
> light, the noise 
> goes away if I push harder on the pedal but my
> passengers don't like 
> that style.
>     A few days ago I had time to pull the right
> wheel off and I removed 
> and verified that the pins had grease but I went
> ahead and reseated the 
> caliper.  No more squealing noise.  Yay.
>     Today, after a good 6 miles on the interstate, I
> pulled into work to 
> see my right rear wheel steaming.  Apparently the
> caliper was sticking 
> just enough to burn up the pads.  I sprayed some
> warm water on the 
> caliper and rotor for a few minutes, rolled the car
> back a few inches in 
> neutral, and sprayed more.
>     Driving home, 2 miles city, was done very slowly
> with little engine 
> demand.  During low speed (5mph or less) braking
> turns, the right was 
> definitely squealing with more lower tone.  I'm
> pretty sure the pads are 
> shot.  So they're getting replaced.  The rotors are
> still pretty damn 
> straight with little wear, but I'm considering
> changing them too.
>     So do I drop $150 each on new calipers? 
> Everywhere I look they're 
> damn pricey or have a huge core on them.  I've
> attached pictures of my 
> parking brake cable because it's acting funny too. 
> The right side 
> engages, but the left does not move.  Is this
> unrelated?
>     The car is parked until the brake issue is
> resolved (cause, y'know, 
> it's just my brakes) so I'm sharing a car.  The
> sooner I can fix this, 
> the better.  Tomorrow I'll jack up the car and see
> if the rear wheel 
> spins freely.  If this is something I can fix by
> just adjusting the 
> cable or brake tension, all the better.
>     I tried doing the factory manual suggestion of
> "testing" the brake 
> cable tension by using a screwdriver but I wasn't
> sure if I was doing it 
> right.  The picture was a bit vague.  On the right,
> if I pried against 
> the wheel and the spring, I could get it to flex a
> bit with the p-brake off.
>     Ideas and suggestions, throw them at me.
> ~Scott S.

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