[V8] 235/45-17 snow tires?

Ingo Rautenberg ingo.rautenberg at gmail.com
Sun Jul 15 11:04:07 EDT 2007

Ha!  Lol.  Yeah, that's what I have done now for years.  I've taken my
custom BBK (that I've had for 9 years now) and change them for the
stock G-60's every fall and back to the BBK in spring.  Really takes
only an extra hour beyond your typical brake bleed IME.  The one time
I left the BBK on in the winter here (Detroit area) I hit a pothole
that cracked a wheel and shredded a tire.  So now I just switch to the
stock BBS mesh lightweight forged 15 x 7.5 ET35 wheels for winter
driving. That extra inch of sidewall really helps.


On 7/15/07, QSHIPQ at aol.com <QSHIPQ at aol.com> wrote:
> As the quattro head steamboat guy, and one that's driven dozens snow  setups,
> I'll put in my .02 here.  Probably the best setup for the v8 is the  215/55
> 16 Ben referenced.  Second (or first given the price) would be stock  wheels
> with 215/60 15x7.5.  Running 17inch snows is compromising the snow  ability for
> nominal braking ability.  A 225/50 or a 225/45 on a 17x8 is the  widest you
> can go without surfing IMO/E.  That said, there is a lot of  energy in the
> sidewall that tends to make a 17 snow a huge compromise in  winter performance to a
> 16 or 15.
> I really think if you did a true 'test' of the various braking systems, you
> will find that the UFO's are some of the best, and even the G60's will all but
>  equal the braking of the 928 setup.  What big brakes do is give you more
> resistance to fade.  Get a good set of textar (v8 app) pads for the G60's,  they
> will bang that v8 down within feet of the BBKs, BTMT.  On the track,  maybe a
> different story = fade issue.  Further, in snow, you don't need all  that
> excess braking capacity, you need brake balance.  IMO, v8 rears are  better
> *balanced* to G60 or UFO fronts than any BBK.
> If it was me, I'd buy the 15 or 16in snows and swap off the big brakes with
> the wheels and tires.  IMO, BBK's in winter tend to lockup the fronts very
> quickly, causing really early ABS events.  Add in the energy in the  sidewall,
> you are using BBK's in deference to good winter  performance.   You don't have
> 3 times the braking power with  BBK's.  That's a function of brake swept area,
> clamping force, and pad  material.  I encourage you to test stock brakes
> against BBK's to understand  the point.
> My .02 arbitraged thru the peso
> Scott Justusson
> 91 v8
> a few urq's
> In a message dated 7/14/2007 10:56:16 P.M. Central Daylight Time,
> v8coupe at gmail.com writes:
> BBK=big  brake kit.  Made with RS2 caliper adapters 01-03 S8 front 323mm  by
> 30mm rotors and Porsche 928GTS calipers in front and S8 rear carriers  with
> stock V8q calipers and 04+ S4 rear 300mm by 22mm rotors.  Require  17" wheel
> minimum so that is the reason for the larger then stock wheels 3  times the
> braking power.
> I'd run 15" wheels if there was a way to  get much more stopping power then
> the g60's allow and the UFo's are nice,  but very complicated and only  single
> piston.
> Thanks
> Sean
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