[V8] insuring old cars.

John Gourley azaudi at gmail.com
Sun Jul 15 20:06:45 EDT 2007

Thanks guys for the explanation on car insurance in Maine.  I had a feeling
that Roger meant he has only liability but thought I would ask.   Sounded
too good to be true to not be required to have ANY coverage.............good
enough that I would move to Maine!


On 7/15/07, Roger M. Woodbury <rmwoodbury at adelphia.net> wrote:
> No, no, no.  Of course I mean I no longer insure the CAR itself, but
> merely
> buy liability insurance, uninsured motorist coverage and med pay.  I have
> a
> LOT of liability insurance.
> As far as dropping coverage on the cars themselves, that decision was made
> when replacement cost dropped below $7500 or so.  Since dropping all
> coverage on all the vehicles I have had two incidents on the road, both of
> them in The Green Horney.
> Coming back from dinner one evening, a cat ran across the road and I hit
> it
> with my right front corner, taking out the fog light.  Expensive to
> replace
> the fog light, of course, and used ones so far are unobtainable.  So that
> repair still is waiting.  Due to Maine inspection regulations, the left
> side
> fog light had to be removed also.  The rule is if there were two from the
> factory, there must be two at inspection time.
> The second incident happened this past February while driving to do some
> minor repair work on my daughter's house.  We had had a couple of inches
> of
> snow the night before, and a truck approaching me from the opposite
> direction kicked up one of the rocky ball bearings that Maine uses to sand
> their roads. The ding on the left front corner of the windshield rapidly
> spread across the windshield.  Last week, it cost $240 to replace the
> original windshield.
> We have had that car for six years and almost 95,000 miles.  I have saved
> that $240 each year for the past four that the car has been uninsured.
> The caveat is that if I wreck any one of the cars, I have no one to blame
> or
> collect from except for me.  I'll take the chance.
> Roger
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