[V8] Overheating, loss of electric fan 92 V8 4.2

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Mon Jul 16 10:26:57 EDT 2007

Pull both sensors (1 in head 1 in radiator = same sensor), fan should  
default to high.  On my v8's I always pull the plug to the radiator, cuz I  really 
don't care what it reads, it's what's in the head that I want the fan  reacting 
to.  If you pull the radiator sensor plug, the ecu defaults to  using the one 
in the head.  
Scott Justusson
91 v8
In a message dated 7/16/2007 9:22:04 A.M. Central Daylight Time,  
dag.boesterud at consulgranada.net writes:

Pardon  me for posting this on more time, but I posted the wrong part number 
in the  previous post :)

My 92 V8 4.2 seems to be running a bit  hot.

When driving along at 80 kmh (50 mph), the temperature is about 99  C / 210 F.
If I'm then slowing down to about 50 kmh or less, the  temperature will rise 
to 105 C (221 F) or even as much as 110 C (230 F)!!
I  had to set the climate control to "HI" to get the temperature down today, 
and  it sank to about 99 C / 210 F.

I have tested the electric fan with  diagnostics and it's working. It goes 
through all three speeds, but even at  110 C/ 230 F it has not started to run...

I have ordered two new  temperature switches (077 919 501), and the 
thermostat is new (87 C / 188  F)

Hope someone can help me  here...



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