[V8] Overheating, loss of electric fan 92 V8 4.2

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Tue Jul 17 09:50:46 EDT 2007

After doing a couple of unnecessary radiator replacements in my wife's car,  
I decided to actually verify that there actually was a problem.  Indeed,  
there was, the gauge in the instrument cluster would read fine on the highway,  
and high around town.  The IR temp gun confirmed that the engine was at  normal 
temps, and the ecu fan speed trigger was dead nuts on.
Before you change a darn thing, make sure there's a real problem.
Scott Justusson
In a message dated 7/17/2007 8:41:45 A.M. Central Daylight Time,  
v8q at bellsouth.net writes:

The  prime indicaof a partially clogged radiator is that is is fine on 
the  highway, but overheats in town.

Ron Wainwright wrote:
> Not sure  if it was mentioned yet Andrew, or not sure
> if the t-stat is there at  all...LOL
>  But it is a good point. But the history of  these cars
> says it's the rad.
>   Ron


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