[V8] Sadly 90V8Q FS :(

diemarthadie at aol.com diemarthadie at aol.com
Wed Jul 18 16:29:05 EDT 2007

The car: http://www.myv8q.com/Wheels/A4-16-big.jpg

I haven't actually made it ready for sale yet, but since I just drove my new (2 me) '91 British Racing Green Special Edition Miata (with hardtop) back to Baltimore from Mass... It's time to make some driveway room...

I've got the car and one?truckload of parts.? The car is generally in good shape, not everything works (it is a V8), but I have all the replacements for what doesn't.? Timing belt, and more, done a bit over a year ago with receipts for that and other stuff.??It is currently off the road as the throttle was sticking (wasn't the cruise).? I got the bearing to replace in the mount, but haven't had time to pull it all apart.? I can find time if someone is ready to move.? I'll put together a real list of the parts but the big items:

'91 tranny with axles and TCU
4 door skins
2 fenders
trunk lid
full front and rear frames with suspension and G60 brakes attached
4 door windows
window motors and assemblies
hardlines, pressure lines, etc...
a/c compressor
at least 3 radios, lotsa radio/speaker bits
lotsa wood trim
lotsa switches, ECU, controllers, relays and such
grey wheel with bag
2 euro lights (one damaged but with new glass to replace, one still in uk... don't ask) 
complete V8 Audi service manual set (not copies)
Audi wiring diagrams
owners manuals and books
German emergency kit (for rear armrest)
4 like new Blizzaks on old aero rims (one very brief winter install, probably 300 miles on them)

There's a lot more too...

If someone showed up with $4000 they could take everything and I'd help pack :)? Hey, a guy can dream...? If I need to part it all out, I will, but I'd reallllllllllly rather not.

When I bought the car 5+ years ago, I had a place to work on it.? Now, instead, I have a Homeowner's Association, a short driveway and a space that is, deceptively,?called a garage but is really a giant storage hole.? The HOA nazi's freak when you leave the house with a wrench so I can't maintain my own car easily - making an Audi currently out of financial reason (three kids...) so I need to move on (for now, like?Roger, for now).? This is my 3rd Audi (5k, CGT) and it's not going to be the last.

If anyone is interested, please email me privately and we can chat.? If no one is interested, I will put it on the Marketplace and wait for a bit... and then to eBay...

Baltimore, MD

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