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Sean cole v8coupe at gmail.com
Thu Jul 19 20:54:26 EDT 2007

Ron and all,

This has been discussed before, but I'll say it again.  Our motors are not
dead.  I for one am totally looking for every VAG part from the 20vt to the
VR6 to find parts.  Is it expensive to use the parts from everything else to
build a motor YES.  Your bet your ass it is.  A rebuild on a 20vt is what 6k
with turbo and manifolds?  I looked at building a mild (in my head) V8
4.2Lwith 85mm (.5mm over sized bores), forged 159mm (4mm longer then
rods, 22mm wrist pins, 6mm ABZ guides, custom cams, custom valve train,
ported heads, slightly decked block, headers, and custom intake.  The grand
total for that rebuild was 10-15k, and that's with me fabricating the
intake, headers, and doing the head porting and valve work.

Alumisil blocks are not new.  I'm already aware of the best place in the
country to take them or at least if your a big cube 928 man.  I have
contacts from my job with people that can do it.  It's not impossible just
expensive when your looking at 175-200 a hole for slugs and 50-70 a hole for
honing and ~45-60 for the over bore it adds up quickly.  It's not a unknown
thing people bore 928 5.0L v8's that came in the GT and I think S4 cars to
6.3L with a stroker crank and that is a trick since the top of the block is
open not closed like ours.

So can it be done yes.  You want my opinion on sleeves? they are a risk that
unless needed should be avoided at all cost.  I know from talking to a few
people that a guy build 3 944t motors with sleeves to get out of custom
pistons and 2 of the 3 motors dropped a sleeve and well you can imagine the
carnage of the crank hitting the sleeve.  Not worth the risk alumisil is a
good technology and hell know of any people not liking their 944t motor
because it's weak? I can tell you it's great the silicon bores (what you get
with the blocks we have) are tough shit.  silicon is some go shit and can
withstand some crazy shit and the aluminum block transfer heat out of the
motor faster and into the water to get cooled.  I'm the crazy one in this
group, maybe even crazier then Dear Ron.  He knows how deep I've been down
this rabbit hole and all I can tell you is it's a long dark hole.  and if
you dare wonder down it bring your wallet full of $$$,  it's not cheap to
play with the V8's, but it's also not cheap to play with big cube 928's.
Aluminum blocks complicate things, but the weight benifit and the heat
transfer properties are why even chevy is starting to use them.

Hope that helps every one,
90 Pearl V8q V8plus
go big or get out of my way.

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> I love to take everything into account Scott..;-)
>  But I like this idea. Sleeving is/would just be
> covering up a problem to a very feasable solution.
>  For many years I thought that our lower ends couldn't
> be rebuilt. But with Co's like 034ms were they have
> solutions for us I think that it would only be the
> best solution to the age ol folk lore that our blocks
> can't be brought back to life.
>  I plan on getting the stock pistons shaved a bit to
> get the compression to twin turbo one of my 3.6
> motors. I would like to..while the pistons & rods
> would be out....to get the rest of the parts to do the
> lower end. It would basically be a new factory block!
> I wouldn't be thinking the whole time that I have a
> bandaid (sleeves)
>  But I all so posted the link cause I may just be the
> new proud owner of a early 80's 928..whoo hooo
>  Ron mit gone off the deep end MUWAHAHAHAHA

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