[V8] [unclassified] Re: 1992 Audi V8 4.2 running lean

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Thu Jul 19 21:17:33 EDT 2007

Ck the vacuum hoses and the MAF sensor.  Vacuum hoses are  cheaper, but if 
you are at ingo's house, you just open a nearby v8 hood and  swap the MAF sensor 
with known good.  Do diagnostics on the WOT switch too,  and don't forget to 
ck for codes.  The crossover rubber pipe between the  valve covers can cause a 
lot of problems, as can the short hose at the back of  the DS head that feeds 
the PCV pipe going forward.
Scott J
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dag.boesterud at consulgranada.net writes:

Well..  okay :)

What I don't understand, is that if I disconnect the oxygen  sensor the car 
is fine. Hook it back up,
the car leans out.... but the  oxygen sensor is new, and I changed it just 
because of this  error..

The car seems fine over roughly 3500-4000 rpm, the problem with  lean running 
seems to be up to  3500-4000.



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