[V8] Progress report 23 / what the !

MORRALEE David David.Morralee at alcatel-lucent.com
Tue Jul 24 15:38:57 EDT 2007

this weekend I cleaned up the block deck and pistons ..... I found some
disturbing things .
1) one of the piston heads had a large amount of carbon build up in the
recess for one of the exhaust valve  ...this was good to find as I was
able to clean out all the carbon ....this would of been disastrous if
the engine hadn't been cleaned up .
2) the passengers side, bank of pistons had all been slightly impacted
by the intake valves WTF&^% !!   
exhaust side    )  ((   Intake side 
                      )  ((     
so if this was the head of the piston and the brackets ( ) are the
recess for the valves : then the intake valves have been lightly
impacting the piston !! Ron I guess it wasn't a lifter ticking after all
.I thinking the PO had got the T Belt done by someone who didn't take
care of doing the job right.
The T-Belt that I took off the car was in good condition and not missing
any teeth so I don't believe it skipped while I've had the car .
have a lot of good picture that I will share , later on .

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