[V8] Fuel Pump Failure Modes

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Wed Jul 25 05:01:44 EDT 2007


another FYI.  my experience with the relays is that when they do quit, i
have pulled them apart and found burned contacts.  i have never had this
happen to a V8.  5 bangers only.  if you pump is noisy, i am guessing that
is it.  i know that keith tackett has a trick swap using a walbro, holley or
some USA made racing fuel pump that is much cheaper and supposedly lasts as
long if not longer then the bosch pumps.  i know there are postings out
there somewhere on it.  i am lucky and have never had to do my pump yet.
OH, MY ABZ GOES IN THIS SUMMER!!!!  yeah yeah ron, no DTM, but that is what
my super powerful coupe will be for...  :)




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> Thanks Shayne and all!
>   I'm pretty convinced that the pump is noisy enough to be suspect ... VDO
> replacement from SJMautotechnik should be arriving in the morning.  I'll also
> open up the FP Relay and spray some contact enhancer in there ...
>   I saw some comments about the flywheel sensors ... owning 2 V8 5-speeds
> means I've got a lot of BTDT on them.  For the engine to die while the car is
> running it would be the speed sensor ... and if the speed sensor fails the
> tach stops registering ... in my original message I noted that while I was
> coasting with the engine in gear I confirmed that the tach was registering.  

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