[V8] V8 5spd on eBay

Scott Simmons indischrot at gmail.com
Wed Jul 25 14:05:07 EDT 2007

I attributed the sagging door panels to the "black car in Dallas, Texas" 

I'm 99% certain my 90 V8 has a listing on the vacuum diagram for high 
beam control.

I'd wait and reserve judgment on the zebra-carpet until seen in person.

When did the V8's get a Power Door Lock button on driver's door?  91?

Which picture of passenger-side trim looks faded?  Looks like the "milk 
wood" trim...

The exhaust certainly is missing... maybe a gator took it off in a 
flood?  (Are there gators in Texas?)

~Scott S.

Ingo Rautenberg wrote:

>Yeah, never seen that before, either.  I dunno, guys, I bought a '90  
>V8 from CA that had spent a LOT of time in the sun, and there was  
>leather shrinkage/warpage and faded wood inserts throughout.   
>Probably the best running '90 automatic V8 I've bought.  Obviously,  
>on this car the tint was done more recently, which is why the wood is  
>faded in parts. Not horrible by any means to my eye.  It's obvious  
>that the carpet has been recently cleaned/car detailed.  According to  
>the seller, "We guarantee no odometer rollback, salvaged titles,  
>reconditioned titles, or flooded cars. All our prime offerings are  
>guaranteed clean titles and clean title history."
>But also realize that Texas has had Major rain and floods in the past  
>few months...

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