[V8] Was Q7 ramble...now is something else....

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The T44's seem like a much bigger car than the C5. I havnt looked at the specs for interior room etc, but with the C5 there is a noticable lack of room, especially in the back seat.

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> When i had my v8q for sale, i test drove a dozen "newer audi's" 
> they just did not seem to be fit as a replacment. I was looking at 
> any audi under 10k. every single one i drove pushed me away from 
> selling my v8. not one was on the same level i thought they should 
> be. the biggest issues i found with every single audi i drove; 
> suspension noises, craptacular interiors, and the lack of a real 
> engine. A4 are way too small coming from two t44 cars, so this 
> means a A6 or A8 would need to be in order as a suitible 
> replacement. I would have picked up an A8, but was in fear of the 
> transmission. The same went for the A6's i drove, every car needed 
> a timing belt job, ox sensors, and a fan clutch. I plan to someday 
> own a 6speed 2.7t A6, untill then, I will keep with the classy T44's 
> oh and a photo for you all 
> friends 91 5speed 4.2.....and my black 90 3.6 5speed...enjoy! 
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> http://tinyurl.com/273twt 
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