[V8] 90 V8 or 200 etc, etc

Roger M. Woodbury rmwoodbury at adelphia.net
Sun Jun 10 15:05:13 EDT 2007

Back along the dawn of time I had a very nice '89 200 Avant.  My favorite
(and only wrench) of the time and I did a big study about putting a Porsche
928 V8 engine into it.  We had a readily available fairly early 928, and he
was afterall, a Porsche trained 928 mechanic.  We decided that it was
possible, although difficult since the 928 engine was very wide for the 200
engine bay.  His pronouncement was that it could be done, if there was
enough money involved, but he kept saying that it wasn't necessary.  There
were, he told me, a lot of relatively simple changes that could be
undertaken to provide a LOT more power out of the 200 10V engine.  My new
wife came along, and the 200 went away in favor of a '93 V8 and she got a
"new" (to us) 100 CS Avant Quattro.

So, I am wondering as I follow this thread, aside from having a V8 engine
handy, what are the real advantages of having a V8 Avant as opposed to just
messaging the five cylinder engine?  

Having been driving my own 20Valve Avant with reworked ecu, I can't imagine
needing more power unless the car is going to be used on a drag strip.  In
fact, since late model 200 10-valve cars are so readily available, I
sometimes think about getting hold of one, and getting the engine to turn up
a bit louder than stock.


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