[V8] 90 V8 or 200 etc, etc

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There are a number of reasons. Torque being the main one. Sure, a turbo 
engine with a small turbo can spool up fast and provide a good rush of 
troque, after the initial lag. But, that "after the initial lag" is the key 

All out power is completely different from daily driver power. You can get 
all out power from anything with enough massaging. Take a VTEC Si for a spin 
sometime. 200hp from 1.6L NA. Pretty impressive, till you stand on it at 
2000rpm. In a daily driver setup, I'd really rather have a diesel powerband 
than that. On the track, it would be a different story. Of course, to have 
both is the ideal - can anyone say RS4? Now, where was that lottery ticket 

My 4000Q stock (115 hp) and my chipped 5000TQ (200 hp), side by side, for 
example. let out the clutch at idle, and floor both cars. The 4000 
immediately pulls ahead, only to be passed eventually (right after the 1-2 
shift) by the 5000. Now, you can abuse the clutch, and kill the 4000 with 
the 5000, but that's not the point here.

Also, believe it or not, athe V8 engine is much simpler than a 5-cyl turbo. 
The TB is more intensive and expensive, as are most of the other parts. But, 
as a whole, it is indeed much simpler. Fewer hoses/vacuum lines/etc. Being a 
shorter engine, I also find it easier to work on in certain respects. To 
make it even simpler, I'd remove the factory clutch fan in favor of a purely 
electronic setup. Gets rid of the cost and gives more room than the factory 

Tony Hoffman

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> So, I am wondering as I follow this thread, aside from having a V8 engine
> handy, what are the real advantages of having a V8 Avant as opposed to 
> just
> messaging the five cylinder engine?
> Having been driving my own 20Valve Avant with reworked ecu, I can't 
> imagine
> needing more power unless the car is going to be used on a drag strip.  In
> fact, since late model 200 10-valve cars are so readily available, I
> sometimes think about getting hold of one, and getting the engine to turn 
> up
> a bit louder than stock.
> Roger 

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