[V8] the job begins ... T Belt 93V8 .

MORRALEE David David.Morralee at alcatel-lucent.com
Wed Jun 13 12:56:27 EDT 2007

1993 V8 4.2L
Have started picking away at the first Job the t-belt , I've come across
so things that have me asking myself questions.
1) a lot of us ( V8 owners ) have rads that get clogged up and make the
car start to run hot in stop and go traffic . My does exactly that , so
being clever I bought a bran new rad ..... took old rad out then
inspected and noticed the insides look bran new ??? what is up with that
? If these rads do clog up ... does it happen where you can't see it .
I noticed where Rad Fan  hooks up electrically (black plastic box ) to
the engine bay ( fender ) someone has put a wire across the terminals .
Last year I did an output test and the rad fan went through all three
speeds  .
2) serpentine damper , mine seems to move freely back and forth with not
too much resistance .... is this normal .? 
3) both rotors have 1/4 quarter movement ( circular movement ) will have
to look at it again , not sure if the shaft moved or the rotor moved.
> I have the front end off and the t belt exposed. The crank bolt came
off nice ... just a note if you have a good compressor with a 3/4 Impact
gun , no need to hold the crank . ( when the t belt is still on the
engine ) thanks Ron for getting me the deal on the 32 new lifters . 

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