[V8] horizontal V8s

d saad dsaad at icehouse.net
Mon Jun 18 13:02:59 EDT 2007

Well - there is no doubt about it kids. V8s hate to be parked on a hill -
even for a short time.

Mine has been running great since the
rebuild, not using any oil at all and no smoke at all. I even had the
opportunity to follow it down from Bogus Basin last night which meant that
it was basically coasting downhill for 16 miles in 3rd gear. Pre-rebuild
this would have sent clouds of blue smoke into the stratosphere - but not
a trace now.

Then - I had to pull it out of the garage today
(cold motor) for the furnace repair dude - and parked it on my very steep
driveway for about an hour. When I started it back up (it started right
up) - there was the cloud of blue smoke. It quickly cleared, and is not
smoking now but I can not figure out where all this oil comes from. Not a
big deal I guess but I hate not being able to explain it.

the guy who drove my car down? He is not a car nut at all but enjoyed
himself quite a bit. This is a very twisty road and lots of fun to drive.
The V8 loves it - especially going uphill.

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