[V8] horizontal V8s

urq urq at pacbell.net
Tue Jun 19 01:41:18 EDT 2007

45 degrees is pretty steep ... and your engine is probably pretty well
topped up on oil ... I suspect that the oil tipped up far enough to creep
past the rings in the front cylinder(s) which burned off when you started
the engine.  

I own a horizontally mounted I4 engine in my motorcycle (BMW k1) ... the
BMWs are well known to blow a blue smoke screen when left on the side stand
and oil works up into the cylinder(s).  I usually use the center stand,
which holds the engine flat, but there has been more than once that I've
experienced the blue cloud after having leaned the engine over head-side
down by using the side stand.  

Hey, maybe your engine just wants to reminisce about the marque's history
... the old Auto Union 2-strokes were known to burn a bit of oil ... :-)

Steve B
San Jose, CA (USA)

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the heads are brand new! I have about 1000 miles on
a full valve job with new guides and seals - and new rings.
I thought
about that short/cold cycle thing - but why then don't other motors do
Do the 16V 4-banger motors which use basically the same head do

My driveway is very steep - maybe in the 45 degree range.
I suspect oil gets into the breather system somehow - there simply was not
enough time even with old hard valve seals for this to leak down that
much. Maybe due to the shear volume of oil and the relative shortness
(height) of the block? Tip it back far enough and those ten quarts have to
go somewhere. That is all I can come up with.

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