[V8] wheel bearings

Ron Wainwright ron_01056 at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 20 08:27:47 EDT 2007

Thomas, Scott is correct...you can leave the housing
attached to the car if you have a hub shark..or
 Erik Kissll sent me a file on how to make a home made
bearing puller..I'll send you the file cause I don't
think the link will post to the list??.

 You have to do that CV though...so maybe just takeing
the strut assembley out would be easier..then you
could have a shop press out the old & press in the
good one. Shouldn't cost you too much
$$$$....specially if you take the assembley out
yourself & bring it to a shop.
 But if you bring the car down intackt expect to be
charged round 3/4hrs..that would include the CV shaft
R&R cause you mine as well have them do that as well.
 But if you have the time & means to DIYS..then it
should be a great learning experience for you.
 Just if you do take the assembley out make sure you
have a prior appointment to a shop so they can press
out & in the bearing. Some shops who come recomended
are usually busy.....& bad shops are usually not as
busy...or something :-)

--- Scott Phillips <Scottp at ippe.com> wrote:

> Tomas.. 
> Yes to all questions.. Removal and press both.
> Unless you have access to
> a hubshark. Then you might be able to do it on the
> car without a press.
> But you would need to pull the CV axel. 
> HTH..
> Scott
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