[V8] Steering Rack Centering

Scott Simmons indischrot at gmail.com
Mon Jun 25 16:01:18 EDT 2007

The issue with the vehicle is that the car drives straight when the 
steering wheel "TDC" is near 11 o'clock.  I wanted to verify that the 
wheel had not be put on incorrectly in the past before taking it to get 

I have never had the wheel off, personally, but since the Airbag light 
is on, there is suspicion that it may have been off in the past.

Scott S.

Jason Wilkerson wrote:

>Is the alignment right?  If so, I always just remove the airbag (two torx
>heads, but a 6mm allen will work too), then with a 24mm socket remove the
>steering wheel and adjust accordingly.  Drive the car and let the steering
>wheel center itself, then stop and re-center wheel with above procedure. 
>I only do this if I removed the wheel and then lost the place where it
>goes.  If you do this a bunch and then get alignments done you risk not
>getting the rack centered and you may not have the same amount of thread
>engagement on the outer to inner tie rod connection.  Just a thought.
>        Jason  
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