[V8] The Black Mariah

Unka Bart gatorojo at earthlink.net
Thu Jun 28 10:44:29 EDT 2007

Hi Ron, Tony et al,

To Ron, ummmmm... well, after what Tony just added, how could I  
possibly say "it ain't so.  It IS so!"

I'd add to what Tony said by pointing out that the europeans get the  
240 hp model, but we in the states get the 250 hp model.  Ours has a  
3" MAF, the european model gets 2.5" MAF.  VW advertised it as 240 so  
that it wouldn't upstage the TT.

To top that, I get 18-20 mpg around town, and weekend before last,  
when I drove to San Antonio to bury my late Step-mother, I got 26.0  
for the overall trip of nearly 1600 miles!

Unlike all the other MKIV golf models, the R32 is made in Bratislava  
on the same line as the TT, the others were made variously in Mexico  
or south america.  The quality level of materials is noticeably   
higher, as is the overall build quality.  There's an interesting FAQ at


Take a look at Edmunds, or any of the used car sites, you'd be amazed  
at what these little wonders are going for, three years later!


On Jun 27, 2007, at 9:08 PM, Tony and Lillie wrote:

> When they first came out I ran across a guy in a new one. He was  
> traveling on the road, between Houston and Dallas. He also had a  
> Phaeton W12 and a Passat W8 6-speed. He had several M3's, S4's,  
> Porsches, etc in the past. He said overall, the R32 was the most  
> fun car he had ever owned. He told me "If you can afford one in any  
> way possible, buy it. You won't be dissapointed".
> Mandatory V8 comment: I was driving the V8 at the time, and he  
> wanted to check it out. It had 290K at the time, and he was  
> impressed by the overall condition and longevity of the car.
> As for the R32 vs V8, well, 240hp and 3200 lbs -vs- 300(?) and  
> 4000lbs. And, an extra gear in the R32. I think the R32 will win ;-)
> Tony Hoffman
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>>> Believe it or not, it out performs the Gentleman's
>>> Express in
>>> every performance measure
>> Unka..say it aint so......
>> But they are...peppy little cars. A friend of mine
>> went from a 200 20v to one a few years ago. Turned it
>> into a track/road pounder. Great little car.
>> But..outperform the GE.....
>> Ron

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