[V8] Dual-Mass Flywheel

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A dual mass unit can't be resurfaced unless the wearing part of the plate is dissassembled. At least it can't be done with a traditional flywheel resurfacing machine. You may be able to do it on a lathe but you'll have to clamp the friction surface and not the mounting surface. Dual mass flywheels are a POS in my opinion.

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Subject: [V8] Dual-Mass Flywheel 
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> I have a A4 Avant with the 1.8T which has a Dual-Mass Flywheel. It 
> has 140 K miles, and looks like original clutch. 
> I cannot find a shop to machine the flywheel. 
> Are these Flywheels aways replaced when performing a Clutch job? 
> The surface is cupped 0.4 mm to the center. Measuring the new 
> pressure plate it is 100 % flat. If I do not get this machined 
> and install it will decrease the life of the clutch. 
> What are your experinces with resurfacing Dual-mass Flywheels? 
> Scott. 
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