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> > Hi Ron, Tony et al,
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> > To Ron, ummmmm... well, after what Tony just
> added, how could I 
> > possibly say "it ain't so. It IS so!"
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> Definitely agree with Tony and Bart. When I was
> shopping for a replacement car earlier this year an
> R32 was available at the local VW dealership. The
> car was fast,  faster than the V8, or the Allroad
> that I ultimately bought. The downside to the R32
> was that it had less room than the Allroad and it
> was a manual. We wanted a car that the my wife would
> be comfortable driving and she says that she was
> tired of playing with manual transmissions. The
> other downside was that the R32 was considerably
> more than the Allroad even though it was the same
> year and almost the same mileage as the Allroad.
> One of the guys next to the place I work at has an
> R32, an Allroad, and an S2000. The R32 is the daily
> driver, the Allroad is for the extended trips and
> family hauling and the S2000 sits in the garage most
> of the time. He says that the R32 is one of the best
> all around cars he has owned. It's fast, pretty
> comfortable, handles very well in both dry and wet
> weather and did I say it's fast. :-)
> George Tur
> 91 V8 .. garage queen

 Oh I agree with all of you..I was just agasp at
Unka's comment on the GE...I LOVE that car..& so does

 But I can't comment on a stock R32, as I noted my
friend has a track worthy example & it is TIGHT! Good
power, ect..other than that I'm a big chassis guy...oh
& he can change the exhaust note from a switch inside
the car! Kinda k00l.

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