[V8] 1993 V8- Ragusa/Travertine on eBay

Greg Furstenwerth SlicerDicer at mac.com
Sat Mar 3 16:11:18 EST 2007

Indeed timing chain it be! if thats the one your talking about... that
has the A8 badging on it.

I love my timing chain its wonderful. I use it to beat up pedestrians as
they walk by my EXCEPTIONAL car!!! lol..

If thats not it good for a laugh to find that one :)


Roger M. Woodbury wrote:
> My, my, my.  Another V8 on eBay with rather large miles and being sold by a
> rather large and unknowledgable ego.
> I find watching the "action" on eBay interesting.  It seems to me that when
> someone is really threatened they often go on the offensive.  This seems to
> be the case here.  The owner of this fairly nice looking car is arrogantly
> disinterested in giving ANY information aside from the listing, and much of
> what he then goes on to give, is authoritatively....wrong.
> Read the ad.  Get a laugh!  I bid and asked some questions because I thought
> that this might be a candidate for my theoretically buy and restore V8
> project.  I don't think I will go further because of the attitude of the
> seller, but otherwise the car looks to be fairly good.
> Roger

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