[V8] My "Top Speed" Story....

Carter Johnson carterjohnson3 at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 8 18:14:21 EST 2007

Not totally Audi related, but could have been in a movie....
  On a not-so-desolate section of a certain Connecticut highway which travels towards a certain Connecticut racetrack, I happened to be driving my father's chipped 944 Turbo S.  Feeling relatively invicible, I was cruising along at ~85 when a blur of noise and red went by me around 50 mph faster.  Undeterred, I sped up (quite a bit) and caught the prey - a Ferrari Daytona 365 GTB-4.  Sick.  We preceded to fly up unsaid highway between 120 and 140mph, which, BTW, in the 944 Turbo is only the top of 4th gear.  I'm not sure, but I'm fairly certain that car would pull 165-170.  However, after a few minutes of spliting lanes and closing on morning traffic at 80 mph, my better judgement stepped in and I slowed.  The Ferrari bombed off an exit.  5 or 6 minutes later, he came ripping by at what I estimated to be 150 mph - it was so scary when I wasn't expecting it, that I remember yelling in fright as I thought the world was ending, only to chuckle when I saw it was, in fact, a
 really, really fast Ferrari.
  It was an entertaining few minutes, but since then, I've not ventured nearly as fast.  I has one third gear pull in the V8 when someone wanted to run, but honestly, the prizes aren't worth speeding on the road.  One cop is all it takes to put you in jail and lose your license.  I keep my aggressions on the racetrack now - it's much more fun to go fast legally.

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