[V8] Warped UFO's. Was: The Bangle-butted bungles are buggering all of

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Thu Mar 8 23:26:24 EST 2007

Repost from about 6 years ago:

I didn't want to post this until I drove the car a few days, but on V8Q
#2 with the UFO brakes the shaking and shimmy is gone, it brakes as
smooth as the non-UFO's in V8Q #1. 
When I first bought the car as some of you may recall, it sat for a long
time.  When I got it back together and took it for a drive,  when I first
applied the brakes the steering wheel jumped out of my hands, the warp
was that bad.  I took it out and applied the "Italian Tuneup" and the
steering wheel jump came down to a manageable level, although still very
I bought a set of pads and a new sensor (only bought one sensor, at $16
each I jumped one since the pads seem to wear very evenly).  When I put
in the new pads (can we say these are the easiest pads to change in the
entire free world) I sanded the glazing off the disks and installed the
rotors on opposite sides from where they were before (Left rotor on the
right, R on L).  The "warp" was completely gone!?!  After three days of
mostly city driving the brakes are still "warp" free. 
I have no idea why, but swapping the disks around might be something for
you UFO listers to try before you go out and spring for the big bucks on
a new set of rotors.
FYI:  One disk was dated 02/90 and the other 11/87.

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