[V8] Starter Question

Tony and Lillie tonyandlillie1 at earthlink.net
Mon Mar 12 12:42:19 EDT 2007

I had the same symptom about two years ago. Bought a new one from 
rockauto.com for about $125, IIRC and haven't had a problem since. BTW, it's 
not all that easy to change. The top starter bolt in an automatic car is a 
real PITA. I pulled the coil and distributor off the passenger side on mine 
to make access a little better.

Tony Hoffman

> 3) Symptoms:  I try to start the car and, from time to time, instead of 
> the
> starter engaging the flywheel and starting the car, it makes a rather
> unpleasant noise (along the lines of fingernails on the blackboard). 
> After
> releasing the key, I can hear the starter spinning down and after 5 or so
> seconds, it finally slows to a stop.  Unpleasant noise stops, except for 
> my
> rather loud cursing, which may also fit into the highly-technical
> "unpleasant noise" category.  I try to restart, and, depending on the 
> phase
> of the moon, time of day, the dow jones index and whether I have had 
> coffee,
> it may repeat (with accompaning unpleasant noise) or finally start the 
> car. 

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