[V8] what to do

d saad dsaad at icehouse.net
Mon Mar 12 12:17:33 EDT 2007

Bunch of questions:

What is the newest motor I can go with?
If the newer ones have the oil problem fixed, what are they doing
Can you get rings and bearings for the newer motors?
And probably the biggest kicker is will the newer engine management work
with a manual transmission? I doubt I could adapt my ECU to a newer motor
for many reasons - first and foremost would be the variable intake.

If it is true that the newer motors are better, and I could find
one for the estimated cost of a rebuild, I would probably go for it.

For that matter I would seriously consider a 3B motor and even a
twin turbo 2.7L V6 if they would fit, and I got a good enough deal on
My goal is for a reasonably powered commuter car that gets
respectable mileage. I don't need a Bahn burner.


> Based on my own experience with a oil burning 3.6 engine I would
look for
> a
> replacement. I would be leery of a head
rebuild since even a leakdown test
> isn't completely foolproof,
I've been down that road. I would also be
> leery
> in
getting another 3.6 or 4.2 from the original V8 line, except if whoever
> you bought it from swore that it wasn't an oil burner. If I was to
swap in
> another motor I would opt for a later 4.2 from the A8
series. They've come
> down in price, they don't have a reputation
for burning oil like the
> earlier
> V8s, and there are
parts available for them. You would have to upgrade the
> engine
management system but you might be able to get an engine with the
> ecu
> or you could get an after market setup.
> George Tur
> 91 V8 .. awaiting resurrection.

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