[V8] what to do

d saad dsaad at icehouse.net
Tue Mar 13 11:54:33 EDT 2007

As soon as I get the wheels back on I am going in for a good leakdown
As for rings, Deves lists them for this application. It is the
rod bearings that seem impossible to get.

btw, I ordered some
new tie rods and so took off my old ones last night. I thought they were
fine but figured I may as well freshen them up since I am in there. Near
as I can tell, at 150K miles the tie rods were good as new. They were
still full of grease, boots were good, no slop. I probably should have
kept them as opposed to the questionable quality of the new ones.


> BTDT.  I believed the guy
who said, "the compression is fine", although
> the
> dealer had run a leakdown and said I should find another engine. 
> make
> that mistake this time!
> Dave wrote:
>>> What I am afraid of is when I take
the heads off, I am going to find
>>> worn
> out
cylinders - which I can not fix.
> Leakdown is a good start.  I paid $200 for
leakdown and compression, from
> a
> shop that really
knows what they're doing; I certainly don't have the
> expertise
to do it.  Leakdown tells you how much air you're losing, and
where some of it is going.  If it's going both to the IM and the
> (like my "new" 4.2), it's hard to tell how
much is going each place.  So
> I'm
> going to break it
down and take it to a good machinist for measurements. 
> He
> says he can get rings, and they must be chrome w/ a specific
profile.  If
> somebody tries to sell you something else,
> Tony Hoffman wrote:
>>As for what to do, that's also up to you. I'd
probably recommend starting
> with a leakdown test to see where
you are loosing compression (if
> anywhere).
> That can
help you with the determination. If it's pretty good, just do the
> head rebuild and you should be pleased with the results.

> Dave
> Embarking on a new chapter in the life of a V8.

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