[V8] Portland man goes balistic...

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Jeremy - 

I just finished replacing all the O-rings in my fuel injection system and the two fuel lines runnin g over the man ifold.

Napa Has the Kit for O-Rings 2 needed Napa Number 3-12085.  I recently posted that the tips were available in a recent post this week.  Check past posts for the source and Part number.

If you want m ore infor contact me,


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Yesterday I sprung a pretty good sized oil leak.  Couldn't tell exactly
where it was coming from, but it appeared to be valve cover gaskets.  I 
bought a pair from Bruce about a year ago and decided to install them 
to see if it would fix my leak.


Passenger side valve cover was difficult to remove with the fuel 
regulator / fuel lines in the way, so I removed the two acorn nuts 
the fuel rail down and pulled it slightly out of the way.


After changing the oil, valve cover gaskets, and spark plugs, I decided 
fire it up; it ran like a hairy dog and then died.  I suspected the 
injector gasket on #1 cylinder because it looked very loose when I had 
fuel rail up.  To confirm my suspicion, I removed the fuel rail again 
guess what.  No o-ring or tip!


So, what do I do?  Do I assume that this little rubber piece didn't 
the cylinder?  Is it possible to blow compressed air down into where 
injector goes and see if I can get chunks to come out the spark plug 
Do I replace the rubber o-ring / tip and hope for the best?


I assume taking it to a shop (parts and labor) would cost a fortune.  
If the
head must come off, I should probably do the t-belt job while I am at 
(170k).  How much does a 3.6 motor with ~100k cost?  4.2 liter?


Anybody have a source for the o-ring / injector tip?  Used PT injector?


I can't believe I gave up beer for lent.  :-(


Thanks in advance for your advice,


- Jeremy


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