[V8] Portland man goes balistic...

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Simply remove the engine and shake it upsides down for a bit.. all the
pieces will eventually fall out. I've done this with a guitar to get out a
pick that fell inside and it does work.

Remember that our V8 motors are relatively light.. I recall about 450 pounds


Sorry. I just couldn't resist that.

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There are a couple of things, if you can buy or have access to a lighted
bore scope, you can scope out the cylinder to see if there is anything
down there and you can inspect the condition of the cylinder wall. It'll
give you the information your looking for.

Other than that instead of using compressed air, use a vacuum. And
something like a straw that will flex but not collapse. To pull any of
the remnants up.

There were some posts on the q list, (or here I can't remember anymore)
like a week ago that NAPA has the o-ring kits for like 5 bucks. (two
req'd per rail). 

As to sourcing another 3.6, on that coast on AudiWorld..DaveinSaltLake
has a line on a whole car, that I recall him being able to get for like
$500 (Police Impound), I don't know but on the east side, Chris at Force
5 had a couple at last check for somewhere about that $ range. 

Also a "new bosch injector, is $50.00 on ebay right now.


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